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The Kiln Yard

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   We are a community based Kiln Yard located in North Portland, Oregon.  

Our Mission: To provide artists and the public access to firing ceramic works in gas reduction.


The Kiln:

Our kiln (Pele') is an Olympic DD9 Down Draft kiln.  We fire with propane gas for our reduction firing.

Firing Schedule:

Currently we offer firings when we have enough work for a full load.  Both Cone 6 and Cone 10 firing are available.  

Firing Cost and Work Drop Off:

Cost of firing for reduction kilns is 23 cents per square inch.  This cost does not include Bisque.  Drop off for The Kiln Yard is at the St. Johns Clay Collective during Open Studio times. Visit for times.  Once in the studio you can use our measuring station to measure your work and fill out a fire slip.  Fire slips for reduction firing are purple in color.  Be sure to include your email, phone number, contact, and the temperature of the firing desired.  Once the kiln is full and loaded you will be emailed an invoice for the cost of your firing.

Test Tiles:

We understand that the results of a firing in reduction can vary from kiln to kiln.  So we are happy to offer free firing for test tiles.  Tiles should follow the same drop off procedures as regular works and not exceed 3x3x3 and no more than 20 tiles.  Since this is a free service, finished works will have priority in the kiln.  Loading tiles is at the discretion of the kiln master.  

Our Limits:

The Kiln Yard does not include glaze or bisque firing.  We fire the kiln only when full and can provide storage for works until such a time as the kiln is full and schedule allows for the kiln master to fire the works.




        The Kiln Yard is an independent program of the

St. Johns Clay Collective, a community based ceramic studio located in Portland Oregon’s historic St. Johns neighborhood,

under the beautiful St. Johns Bridge.


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